Not a day goes by without the hustle and bustle-message from Buckingham Palace. This time, it should be Prince Charles (70), grinds with the teeth. The reason of the disputes between his offspring of Prince Harry (35) and Prince William (37), is the British newspaper “The Sun claims”. Recently Prince Harry said in the programme “Harry & Meghan: an African Journey” in a TV Interview over the cracked relationship with his brother. “We are currently on different Paths,” said Harry.

the head of the family Queen Elizabeth II (93) expected of the young Royals that they can get their disputes in the handle and on their “strong family ties” to focus. And daddy Charles to fix it. The heir to the throne, according to the “Sun”-insiders – not to speak to Harry and William. Prince Charles is at the Moment in Japan. And it to push him mad, that his Work finds due to the hustle and bustle around Harry and William little attention. An Insider is quoted as saying: “The point is that all this fuss has been the work he’s doing, completely undermine – exactly how the work undermines that Prince William and Kate in Pakistan have done.”

in addition, the Doc-Film “Prince Charles: Inside the Duchy of Cornwall” by the statements of Harry and his wife, Duchess Meghan (38) ignored had been. Here, Prince Charles was reporting on his life’s work a lot. The time had now destroyed everything, it means from the Palace. Nevertheless, Charles is worried about his youngest son Harry.

Meghans half-sister says, you have no reason to complain

Prince Harry has, in addition to the differences with his brother, also another issue on the Tablet – the hustle and bustle of family of his wife, the Duchess Meghan (38). Their relationship with negative statements in the headlines. Most recently in the “Daily Mail”. So Meghans half-sister Samantha (54), referred to the Duchess as a “hypocrite”. In the TV-broadcast about your trip to Africa Meghan complained that she never asked how it. Can’t understand Samantha: “I just thought, “Wow, you’re looking ever for your father, such as he has after two heart attacks feel like?”.” After all, is of the opinion that the Duchess has no reason to complain. “I think it’s ridiculous that someone who has millions in the account and own a bodyguard in the entourage in private jets around the world flies, is complaining at all about something.” Meghan got with your decision, Prince Harry to marry, what she wanted. (paf)