on Thursday argued that the Belgian members of parliament on the coronacrisis in the Room. Also, the discussion about the surgical masks, came in the case, after conflicting opinions emerged on whether or not to wear a protective mask on the street. Prime minister Sophie Wilmès repeated, with the advice of the world health organization, and wanted to make it clear, Even though it would be, if that is not possible. There is a shortage of surgical masks in the world, not only in Belgium.”

The prime minister aware of the fact that Belgium, for the production of surgical masks “to the maximum extent to develop, but that it can’t be done from one day to the next you can. The government will soon be working with the industry to identify the actions within a relatively short period of time to be made.

Last week, collected by the government of the Belgian players in the pharmaceutical industry. The aim is to promote and support initiatives for the corona virus to combat it is to co-ordinate and encourage them.

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the Owner of the Wok Dynasty in Heverlee, ordered over three thousand surgical masks in China… and share them < / P>

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