Prime Minister of Ukraine does not rule out consultations on his resignation from the Parliament and Zelensky

Ukrainian Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk does not exclude consultations on his resignation to the President Zelensky and the Verkhovna Rada.

the MP from the faction “servant of the people” Alexander Dubinsky said that Goncharuk has already written a resignation. He allegedly did this after meeting with Zelensky, reports RIA Novosti. The Prime Minister’s resignation, according to Dubinsky, will be discussed on March 3, the “public Servants” in the presence of all the deputies. The resignation was also discussed on 2 March at a meeting of a small fraction, where present, leadership and heads of committees.

To meet the resignation of the Prime Minister are enough 226 voices of deputies. The resignation of the Cabinet will mean the resignation of the entire Ukrainian government. Before the Parliament will form the new Cabinet, the old will perform his duties.

March 4, at the request Zelensky, the Verkhovna Rada will hold an extraordinary plenary meeting. It will consider a number of bills and the issue by the Cabinet.