Prime Minister of Belarus criticized the tanning industry for its low efficiency

Prime Minister, in particular, reminded that the country introduced a state order for the hides. The opportunity to implement and untapped resource of low-grade raw materials by exhibiting at the exchange trades. “And as the numbers show, year-to-date situation in the industry improved slightly, however, all problematic issues are not removed,” said Rumas said, adding that the efficiency of industry organizations, unfortunately, remains at a low level.

the Prime Minister invited his colleagues to consider the issues of stabilization of the situation in the leather sector and to perform the decisions that have been taken, analyzing their effectiveness.

According to him, the negative effect on the development of the industry affected and process related to the pandemic COVID-19. Many foreign consumers, he explained, has suspended work, and some domestic consumers are switching to work in part-time employment. But at the same time such complex conditions, says the head of the Cabinet, provide new opportunities for the leather industry.