the Country’s priests and provster dishes now criticism against the government’s plans to open the churches at easter.

church affairs Joy Mogensen (S) announced on Wednesday that she will open the churches for worship in a responsible way.

But it is a really bad idea, it sounds from both the priests and the provsternes associations.

“It works the opposite, that the church gets eased the restrictions after the prime minister’s call to hold fast and hold out until after easter,” said the president of the Præsteforeningen, Per Bucholdt Andreasen, and adds:

“In a time where many must suffer privation, and give up, it may seem less solidarity with the population that the church does not renounce the påskefejringen in traditional form and are thus likely to contribute to the spread of infection, as we all try to avoid for the sake of our weak and vulnerable fellow human beings.”

He points out that the implementation of the services becomes dangerous in proportion to the coronasmitte.

“Our concern is that it can be very difficult to deal with the health challenge in many churches, and church staff are going to stand with a very large responsibility for the fact that it can be done,” he says in a press release.

the Churches have ago 11. march has been closed for worship due to corona-the epidemic.

B. T. asked Thursday, the Health director, Søren Brostrøm, to the subject.

Many of the parishioners are senior citizens and are thus at risk if they become infected. It is from a health professional assessment is a good or bad idea to open the churches for worship in the passover?

“The fewer people there are overall, the less risk is there. The more distance you have between each other, the less the risk of infection is there. If you can air out, hold the events outdoors, minimizes to the risk of infection. It is our general recommendations. How to take it down in relation to religious ceremonies – the other answer for,” said Søren Brostrøm, and answered not directly on the question of whether it is a good or bad idea.

Of both the priests and in the Provsteforeningen is that more clear speech: It is a bad idea.

“When we reopen, it must be that we can gather. The here announcement put up for a påskefejring on a first-come-first-served principle. It is not worthy, it’s risky, and it is impetuous,” said the president of the Provsteforeningen, Peter Birch, in a press release.

“We can be the church in many ways, and recent weeks have shown us many new ways and examples of just that. We welcome all to gather in the churches. But it must first be, when we have an open society, and it is not associated with health risk to gather,” says Peter Birch.

In Præsteforeningen calls instead to hold worship over the video.

“a Great many priests have been busy providing and preparing digital andagter and video sequences on and up to easter and has also prepared the forkyndelsesform, when the churches are closed on easter. Radio and television disseminates worship,” said the chair Per Bucholdt Andreasen.

B. T. have tried in vain to get an interview with the church minister Joy Mogensen.