In the fight against sexual Assault in the Church should have to submit to persons in the service of the Church, new employees in the future, an extract from the criminal register. This is the professional body of sexual Assault in the Church environment, is proposing to the Swiss bishops.

The conference of bishops will vote at their next annual meeting at the end of February, about the request, such as the SRF broadcast “this morning” reported on Thursday, citing the President of the professional Committee, Toni brühlmann, work.

It was intended that, in future, if any Recruitment of persons working in the Church service, a private extract from the criminal register shall submit said brühl man. There are both candidates for the priestly Ministry, as well as a priest, the wish to change their place.

inspections are insufficiently

The charge had been for many years that there is not enough controlled, and information was not passed on, ‘ said brühl man. “With this measure, you would like to get a supple Instrument in the Hand, in order to prevent corresponding incidents.”

In January of this year it became known that a candidate for a Pfarreramt was previously convicted in Riehen BS for sexual acts with children. The competent Bishop Felix Gmür, the record was according to own data. After the publication of the conviction from the year 2012 through the press, the man withdrew his candidacy.

The measure, to the presentation of a Criminal record is not new. In the Diozsöse Lausanne, Geneva and Freiburg such an obligation already applies for a number of years. Who is employed in the diocese of new as well as any chaplain, of the delegates is required, an extract from the criminal register to show for it. (SDA)