Due to a dispute over prices, the US food manufacturer Mars has stopped deliveries to the German supermarket chains Rewe and Edeka and their discounter subsidiaries Penny and Netto.

Despite intensive negotiations, Rewe said on Wednesday in Cologne that there was no basis for accepting the price increases demanded by Mars. Some demands that cannot be justified by higher costs for energy and raw materials are “strictly rejected”. Edeka sees it similarly. “In our view, the current significant price demands from the manufacturer Mars are not factually justified,” said an Edeka spokesman.

Mars said rising costs would be absorbed “internally as best as possible”. “However, a certain amount of price adjustment is necessary”.

The US group has its German headquarters in Verden (Lower Saxony). Among other things, he offers chocolate (Snickers, Bounty), chewing gum (Airwaves), pet food (Chappi), pasta (Miracoli), rice dishes (Ben’s Original) and ice cream. Rewe and Edeka point customers to alternatives that they can offer with their own brands and other branded products. The “Lebensmittel-Zeitung” had previously reported.