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– You were very reserved with providing information during the Chernobyl accident, because you were afraid to instill fear. I thought we had come further in the day, ” says Arne Fliflet.

In the 24 years he had the supreme responsibility to keep the authorities in your ears that Sivilombudsmann. His job was to prevent injustice to individuals, government abuse and make sure that the authorities followed the law.

Previously NRK mentioned that the health authorities refused to disclose how much smittevernutstyr Norway has available. They reasoned that they did not want to create uncertainty and fear.

Now comes the former parliamentary ombudsman with a strong criticism of this concealment from the state and believe transparency is especially important in a time like this.

– I believe that the reasoning that goes on the fear and uncertainty and insecurity is to set the case on its head. It is precisely the secrecy around these conditions that will create fear, uncertainty and speculation.

at least It is not the Norway I want us to have, ” says Fliflet.

– Important to not undermine the trust now

He believes that transparency and information will legitimize the actions of the government and help to reassure people in the Uk.

– It makes it possible for people to make up a perception of the measures. It will also help to legitimize the measures that the authorities comes with.

He adds:

– It is to undermine the confidence of it coming from the government now, it can be very unfortunate.

He emphasizes that smittevernutstyr have a great interest for the ordinary people.

– It is important because it concerns people. We are in a special situation and people think and are interested in smittevernutstyr. Smittevernutstyr is very important. We see it daily in news reports and newspapers how smittevernutstyr characterize the conditions around where koronakrisen wasting.

the Norwegian broadcasting corporation has asked for transparency in how much smittevernutstyr we have in spesialhelsetjenesten in Norway. The ministry of health has provided the refusal and the matter is now being handled by the ministry of Health.

– Can be a democratic problem

Head of the Press offentlighetsutvalg, Tron Strand, ” says transparency is important for confidence in the health care, but also to inform people about how prepared the government was in a pandemic.

REACT: Head in the Press offentlighetsutvalg, Tron Strand, believes openness is crucial in a situation such as this.

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– When we are now facing a pandemic, so can the information tell something essential about how prepared or unprepared the government was on the right, believes Beach.

He believes that it also may be a democratic problem.

There is no reason that the amount of smittevernutstyr to be kept secret.

He believes the other arguments the government has used neither is good enough.

– a government’s bargaining position is weakened if the numbers are published, it is irrelevant. There is an argument that is also used by the health care system in normal times. It has offentlighetsutvalget considered and is strongly disagree with such a practice, ” says Beach.

the ministry of Health: – the Numbers will create fear

the ministry of Health writes to NRK that they do not have the time to respond to this criticism.

the ministry of Health wrote in his earlier explanation, that the parliamentary ombudsman now criticizes, that the numbers will create fear, uncertainty and weaken Norway’s position in the international market if they are public.

“Hdir considering that visibility can create a wrong focus, and that again is a driver that creates uncertainty and fear in the community. Combined with uncertainty related to new supplies of PPE to Norway, this may create mutually negative reinforcing effects”

In China, the development of the market reached new heights and the major players meet up outside the factories with suitcases full of cash to secure the precious smittevernutstyret. The authorities feared that a disclosure of the numbers will lead to that the market can take advantage of the situation and push up prices.

“Empty the stock cranks up the price, while the inventory of PPE mean that Norway can be prioritized down for immediate supplies. Norway is more vulnerable when the delivery of the new supplies are unpredictable, and if the promised supply suddenly fails.”

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