“The street protests in the Islamic Republic of Iran, which have been going on for weeks, have turned into the greatest challenge facing the inhuman Iranian regime since the uprising against the presidential election in 2009,” write the MPs in a motion that the Bundestag will vote on this afternoon.

Among other things, the MEPs call on the German government to “maintain the already increased political and diplomatic pressure on the regime in Tehran, in particular through the negotiations on the Iran Human Rights Resolution in the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly and in the UN Human Rights Council, where the German government should support a special session on the human rights situation in Iran and an extension of the mandate of the UN special rapporteur on Iran”.

In addition, the traffic light is said to advocate further sanctions at EU level against representatives of the Iranian regime. In this context, it should also be examined whether and how the “Islamic Center Hamburg” (IZH) as the “hub of the operations of the Iranian regime in Germany” can be closed.

The IZH is classified as extremist by the Hamburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The agency regards the facility as an outpost of Tehran. Green party leader Omid Nouripour called for its closure months ago and described the Hamburg Islamic Center as “the regime’s most important nest of spies in Germany.”