The G20 summit took place in Bali over the past few days. This is how the press commented on the meeting.

“Rhein-Zeitung” (Koblenz): It is a success of the G20 format, the Indonesian hosts and the negotiators. Russia, on the other hand, has to accept a diplomatic defeat in almost every area. The country is losing the support of previously neutral countries. China in particular plays a key role here.

It is clear that the meeting between US President Joe Biden and China’s President Xi Jinping in the run-up to the summit did not result in a breakthrough, but did bring it closer together and that the signs for the summit changed as a result. Biden and Xi’s long handshake is a defeat for the Kremlin.

“Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”: The fact that Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov sought to close ranks with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Bali can no longer hide Russia’s international isolation. President Putin had stayed at home from the start to avoid humiliation on the international stage.

The draft final declaration gives reason to hope that the ranks for Ukraine will continue to close around the world. The paper speaks of “war” and no longer of a special operation – which is the terminology of the aggressor Russia. In the paper, the signatory states warn against the use of nuclear weapons. It points to the condemnation of the Russian attack by a large majority in the UN.

“Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung” (Heidelberg): A final paper cannot replace a peace treaty. But the fact that the voice of reason has a say at all, and that host country Indonesia is warning of a relapse into the Cold War era, gives hope. And while the federal government is driving up the number of energy suppliers, states with great growth potential are emphasizing that it is not a good idea to only trade with selected countries.

So again with Russia? Unimaginable today. But the smart handling of the Saudi regime shows how flexible economic policy is. The sooner the warring parties get to the negotiating table, the better. Putin shouldn’t evade this any more than Zelenskyj – and Biden.