21.2 million pensioners in Germany will receive more money from summer 2023. In the west, pensions will rise by 3.5 percent as of July 1, in the east they will even rise by 3.5 percent. In view of the galloping inflation, however, this could not be enough for many retirees. The press comments on the pension increase.

“Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung”: Big jumps are not possible with the increase, the increase in 2023 should be well below the increase of this year. In view of current inflation of over ten percent, which in all likelihood will not fall to a tolerable level in the coming year either, pensioners are threatened with a considerable loss of purchasing power, which will not be offset by the relief. The federal government will therefore have to think about how to support pensioners and prevent mass poverty in old age in the coming year.