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Until now, emergency preparedness and response in the service been close to normal, type luftambulansetjenesten in a press release Monday evening.

– But that will change if, for many of the service’s key personnel are infected or must be in the quarantine, type luftambulansetjenesten.

Luftambulansetjenesten preparing therefore that koronapandemien will put parts of the service out of the game.

the Managing director of the Luftambulansetjenesten HF Øyvind Juell shows that they are about to take a lot of grip.

One of the opinions, if luftambulansetjenesten should get hardly with personnel and flykapasitet, means to give priority to patients they consider to have the greatest need for medical assistance, and the lack of other means of transportation.

such A situation would also lead to more stringent priorities of the missions that will be flown out on.

Luftambulansetjenesten also working to put in place an agreement with a civilian airline to have the opportunity to bring in additional aircraft or helicopters.

Photo: Andre Bendixen / NRK

But it is done more and comprehensive measures:

Those who work in the service being isolated from other crew members in case of suspected infection. This ongoing assessment of the medical personnel at the bases and in the hospitals. Babcock displays an additional ambulansefly in Sweden, which can be inserted both in Norway and Sweden. It is bought in enmannsisolat, a so-called smittevernkuvøse, for the transport of patients with koronasmitte in all parts of the country. the University hospital of North-Norway has established a smitteteam that can respond to the koronasyke patients with transportkuvøse in the car, boat and helicopter. Oslo university hospital had such a capacity before the pandemic.

People in and around the service shows an impressive effort. There is great determination, ingenuity and agility in all joints, ” says Juell.

the Managing director of the Luftambulansetjenesten HF, Øyvind Juell.

Photo: Andreas Nilsen Trygstad / NRK

Luftambulansetjenesten is depending on people who can’t be replaced at short notice.

key Personnel in the luftambulansetjenesten are doctors, nurses, rescuers, pilots and technicians, as well as those who coordinate the service’s aircraft.

– It makes the service extra vulnerable for such a contagious virus that Covid-19, it is stated in the press release.

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