The company from Premstätten in Austria to flow around 1.65 billion Euro, as from a communication from the Wednesday show. This is an important component for the financing of the Acquisition of Munich-based light group. Among the experts were due to a crash in the stock markets in the Wake of the Corona-crisis, already doubts have been raised as to whether AMS could complete the capital increase successfully. However, the measure of delivery is probably different than AMS had presented the plans last year Because of the stock crash course from AMS last more than two-thirds, had to spend a lot of equities in order to achieve the planned revenue. In addition, only 70 per cent of the issued securities could be placed with investors. The Rest of the investment banks that accompany the transaction acquisitions. They will offer the shares now on the market.

AMS-in-chief Alexander Everke had stressed in recent weeks that he is out despite the current turbulence on the financial markets of the Osram Acquisition in the second quarter to complete. On the stock exchange, the news arrived well: The shares of Osram and AMS were Wednesday morning, far in the Minus.