Your car insurance premium is based on many factors. In addition to hard, this also includes soft tariff features. FOCUS Online shows what is important.

There are many factors that go into calculating car insurance premiums. Place of residence, vehicle model, age – many things have an influence. When you fill out a car insurance comparison, you may be surprised at the level of detail that is asked for personal information. Among other things, this is about

Don’t let this confuse you: this information is important in order to determine your risk profile and to be able to calculate your exact premium from it.

This also applies to information about who is driving the vehicle alongside the policyholder or whether you live in a rental or condominium. All of these details are required to accurately draft your policy. The contribution amount depends on hard and soft tariff features.

By entering your place of residence and your vehicle model, you will be taken into custody, so to speak. Because this is about the probability that something will happen based on all damage cases in the region or with this vehicle. So if you’re driving a vehicle that’s prone to being stolen or involved in accidents, you’ll have to pay extra – even though you might be a particularly cautious driver. You can find out the type class of your vehicle at

In addition, soft tariff features are often included in the calculations of the insurance companies:

Tip: Have the vehicle registration document ready if you want to fill out the car insurance comparison online. There you will find the manufacturer code (HSN) and the type code number (TSN), which you must enter. This information is important for determining the type class of your vehicle. However, if you do not have your vehicle registration document to hand, you can also use a database to find out the key numbers or provide detailed information about your car. Once you have answered all the questions, please state whether you would like partial or fully comprehensive insurance and whether you would like to take on your own share. The new policy will then be sent to you by post.