the Purpose of educational and entertainment project “IP Stories: stories from the history” – to draw attention to the activities of the Institute of intellectual property on example of the most vivid episodes in world history, to clarify the mechanism regulating this sphere of the laws clear and accessible language. In the manner of a humorous story on behalf of a fictional character – dragon, the hero brand Association IPChain, the viewer is able to look at known and new facts from the biography of great scientists and inventors with an unexpected point of view, and to understand not lost its relevance for creative, scientific and legal dilemmas. It is planned to produce 30 three-minute episodes about the fate of the world’s largest discoveries.

an Informal and witty style of presentation allows you to better memorize even complex legal nuances, said a member of the Committee of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP) on intellectual property and the creative industries, General Director of the Agency of integrated communications solutions Prophet Eugene Dorofeyev. “Few people, except professionals from specialized fields who are seriously interested in the topic, say, patenting. But in our century of innovative intellectual property rights come into the category of priorities not only of advanced national economies, but also to show concrete ways to reward creative people achieve well-deserved personal well-being.

We felt it was important to contribute to educational work in this direction in the interests of the widest possible audience in order to dispel the myth about incomprehensibility and complexity of regulation in this field. Instructive and the example of James watt: he did not invent, but only successfully patented the principle of operation of the existing steam engine. The receipt of such blocking patent “patent trolling”, remains an unsolved problem, which should know all the startups, entrepreneurs, scientists and inventors,” said Dorofeev.

the Patent according to its principle, is a restrictive mechanism, said the Deputy Chairman of the RSPP’s Committee on intellectual property and the creative industries, Chairman of the Board of Nonprofit partnership “Community of users of copyright and related rights” Anatoly Semenov. “A patent does not allow or use something, but rather gives the right to prohibit others do. What did watt, is still a common practice. Many patent disputes arise because patent pools. That is, the claims of those who specifically buys patents covering a certain field of activity, continue running with this package, everybody is scared and demands money for its use,” – said the expert.

the SceneRist, playwright, member of the Russian television Academy, author of the popular science movies and books Marina Sobe-Panek believes that at any age it is important to maintain interest in new things, not afraid to learn and figure out for themselves into unknown issues. “Over time many adults natural curiosity fades, dissolves among other Hobbies, is dying under the weight of domestic and other problems. So the question, why did we draft IP Stories, I would say this: reading for adults – this medicine, and for children – vitamins necessary for growth and development. It is known that new information is better digested in small portions. Three minutes is the optimal duration. Short funny popular scientific cartoons I would call the most convenient form for receiving such drugs,” added the writer.

the First of the series – on the quarantine period in the life and work of Pushkin and “inventor” of the steam engine Watte available to view on the official platforms of the Agency’s integrated communications solutions Prophet on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and on the official communication channels of the brand IPQuorum and Association IPChain Telegram, Instagram and Facebook. Is preparing to release the next series on how quarantine has helped Newton to organize the laws of physics.