Ups. Aston Villa’s captain, Jack Grealish, has dummet themselves thoroughly.

on Saturday he went on Twitter with a video, where he preached, that it is extremely important to take the authorities ‘ efforts to keep indoors seriously, and already a day later he could not even observe it.

the Premier League-the star drove so wrong on Sunday in his car on the way over to a friend, and now he saw on Twitter again with an embarrassed place excuse.

Let us first look at what he said Saturday in his video, which has been seen by over 385.000 persons:

“to help save the life you must stay at home. Never leave your house to buy food, medicine or exercise. And remember to always keep two meters distance. It is important. Stay at home. Red life.”

the Day after it sounds so:

“I just want to make a quick video message for to tell, how deeply embarrassed I am over this weekend. I know it is a difficult time at the moment because we are closed inside so much, and I got a call from a friend, who would hear if I came over.”

“I did, as stupid as it sounds, and I do not want, that others make the same mistakes,” he says, before he again come with the same call as in Saturday’s video.

“People should stay home and follow the rules and recommendations, which we have been asked. I know that I in the future come to with security. I hope everyone will accept my apology,” he says in the next video, which is seen by almost a million people.

An apology is not enough, however, for his club, says that it will act on the matter and give his captain a fine, and the money will be donated to a local hospital.

“Aston Villa is deeply disappointed that one of our players has ignored the government’s orders to stay at home during coronavirus-crisis.”

“Captain Jack Grealish has accepted that his decision to leave his home was wrong and deeply unnecessary. The club confirms that Grealish will get a financial penalty, and that the amount will be donated to a local hospital,” writes the club on its website.