The search for a new striker leads Chelsea to top striker Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern Munich. In the race for the world footballer of 2021, the price for the exceptional player should rise again – to the chagrin of FC Barcelona.

Chelsea’s Lewandowski interest: According to the “Daily Express”, Chelsea are flirting with signing FC Bayern Munich’s star striker Robert Lewandowski. The 33-year-old himself had previously pushed for a move to FC Barcelona, ​​so far without success. Due to the other interested parties, PSG is also involved, the possible transfer fee should increase and further complicate the deal for Lewandowski’s dream club Barcelona.

Short, compact, clear

Loan deal with Bayern? According to “”, the Blues would even accept a twelve-month loan deal for a move from Lewandowski to their own ranks. However, the record champions have not yet received an official offer for the Polish international. However, it is not known what should motivate Bayern to lend Lewandowski. If anything is to work at all, a club has to put a transfer fee of around 50 million euros on the table before anyone in Munich even flinches.

New striker needed after Lukaku’s season: Chelsea have been on the hunt for a new striker since Romelu Lukaku’s last poor season with just eight league goals. The Belgian international is rumored to be leaving the Blues for Inter Milan anyway.

Until a few days ago, Sasa Kalajdzic was still one of the most sought-after Bundesliga strikers. But now the interested clubs, including FC Bayern and BVB, are looking for alternatives.

Again there is nothing countable for Mick Schumacher in the Formula 1 race in Montreal. Nevertheless, the Haas driver kept his word during the self-declared restart and delivered on the track. The little stray into the Mercedes box remains Schumacher’s only lapse in Canada.

Many football fans don’t like what’s going on at Newcastle United, but for Borussia Dortmund the sheikh club comes at the right time as a buyer for one of their difficult sales candidates.