The Premier League is The Prime minister, essentially a cove to put pressure on the players and the coaches to deliver. In a conference call with all of the captains and the coaches let their employers understand that they have together may be up to 1.25 billion, a loss will be suffered. In the meantime, he also made Liverpool a number of the workers are technically unemployed. In a move that is bad, will be welcomed in a city where the solidarity is traditionally very high.

Without the agreement, they are from each other, and gone. The leaders of the Premier League as well as the clubleiders, there are not uitgeraakt about the savings of up to at least thirty per cent, in the wages and salaries. The Premier League is why they have to salarisvermindering control: in the worst-case scenario, like this season, no more football, there is a risk there will be a loss of up to € 1.25 billion, as the competition will be cancelled. More than 800 million euros of tv money should still be sent to landfill. As the number of players to thirty per cent, of their wages to donate them, that would be a financial hole in dichtgereden can be used.

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Anyway, it was a determined, complex and chaotic, with more than fifty sales representatives, and often the leader of the team. For each team, the contracts are structured differently. It was not the intention of the Premier League season to come to an agreement to be reached. Is the number of digits to communicate.