“today, Europe is under pressure, it is on the Defensive,” said Weber on Saturday at a joint rally of the CDU and the CSU in Münster. In the forthcoming European elections, it was important “that we get out of the Defensive”.

The European project must be defended “against the nationalists, and the egoists,” said Weber, who is seeking a top candidate of the European people’s party (EPP), the office of the President of the European Commission.

Weber sees Europe facing a “historic turning point”, when it comes to the defense of the European “way of life”. To Weber, democracy, the rule of law, the equality of man and woman, independence of the judiciary, the social market economy and the freedom of speech, media and Religion mattered.

“This is the European way of life,” said the CSU politician in English. “The next years and decades will decide whether we can keep this European Way of Life for ourselves and whether we can carry him, perhaps in the world.” This is “our Europe, and we let anyone take away”.