A pregnant woman finds herself in a difficult situation. Because her child will soon be born – and yet her husband wants to go away with his friends. 

A woman has made her relationship problems public. Because her husband wants to go away with his friends – even though their child is about to be born. 

As the woman on “Mumsnet” describes, the two have a child together who is two and a half years old. More children are coming soon, as she is 38 weeks pregnant. Apparently there is no reason for her husband to cancel the trip with his friends. The men leave at this time every year from Friday to Sunday. According to her post from Monday, May 27th, it’s happening again this weekend. 

The woman says: “I tried to talk to him, but he is 100 percent insistent that he leave.” She goes on to write on “Mumsnet”: “Part of me doesn’t blame him because he’s so harsh works for our family and also helps me with my own business (…).” However, she couldn’t help but question her marriage. Because he would essentially risk “missing the birth to go get drunk with his buddies on a weekend.”

Now the woman wonders if she is being unreasonable. The majority of readers are certain in the comments: The man is in the wrong here. One person wrote: “He sounds selfish and inconsiderate. I would be very hurt if that happened to me.” 

Others are interested in how far away he goes. One person commented: “If he is able to come back quickly, I would have no problem with it (…).” If he was far away and drinking, he should stay at home, according to the user. 

Another woman also reported her problems. On Reddit she described her problems with her husband – because he gained over 100 kilos during their marriage. She writes: “He is not the man I fell in love with.” She also describes: “Every day when I come home from work, the kitchen is trashed. He can no longer clean up himself and needs help with many daily tasks. It hurts to see how much he has lost himself.” 

She has already handed over the divorce papers to her husband. He then accused her of being “fat-phobic,” according to the Reddit post.

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