Katy Perry and Orlando bloom.

the 35-year-old Katy Perry and her 43-year-old fiancé Orlando bloom hard at enjoying the last carefree days — soon the couple has a baby, and their life will change completely. In the meantime, you can leisurely stroll along the beach, sipping coffee, and taking sun and air baths.

Yesterday, the lovers decided to go to the ocean to his hometown, the singer’s Santa Barbara. Together with you. Katie and Orlando took the beloved pet — a tiny poodle, who deftly settled in the hands of his master.

the First child pairs (the actor already has nine-year-old son Flynn from her marriage with Miranda Kerr) must be born in the coming weeks. It has long been known that the singer and actor born daughter. The birth of baby Perry and bloom are expecting equally strong. The actor even recently admitted that waiting for the moment when to get up in the night to feed baby.

Perry also said that her pregnancy was not a difficult time, why she even had problems with mental health. Star told me that she often changed the mood and it was hard for her to be at home on isolation, so sometimes it just went in my car to change the situation. But now the emotional state Perry has clearly become much better — now she allows herself walk calmly preparing for the birth of his daughter.