we Say it like this: My life has slowed down a lot. I was always really fast. In the seventh month of pregnancy, I had to turn then down a gear. Because I had stayed a long time, a lot of was running around, I got often stomach ache. Finally, I had two days left lie. That’s when I knew, it’s time to boot down.

The first four months, I changed my Training. Today I’m up to four times a week sports, swim a lot and do Yoga. For me, it is important that I can move often. That’s why I’m going for a walk now, even what I’ve never done it before.

It has me tickled already quite in the fingers and legs. I would have tried the obstacles very much. But the next year, then. Sports and music are two favorite genres are, for me, they evoke the most emotions.

It is accustomed to music. At some point I’ve noticed, however, that I feel to loud music around, well, since I stopped with the Hang up. In the Studio, but I’m still often. My son likes it when something is running. He comes to me, it makes me a little Worried (laughs). After that we have two daredevil in the family.

Yes, I didn’t drink any alcohol. But I’ve missed him, especially in the summer with all the BBQ parties already. Since I’d been drinking like an Aperol Spritz.

no. But I always like to have chocolate.

Yes, he knows better than I what happened with me and the child is now (laughs). I wars but also a lot of advice from Friends and from Fans.

Yes, you advise me which chest to buy I pump. This is great, because the degrees of the first child is not yet prepared for everything to be perfect.

of Course – this is important to me. I would like to, if possible, no caesarean section.

no, because we have a rather small apartment. My son is divided, therefore, for the time being the room with the office. We will probably pull at some point into a bigger apartment.

This has occurred by coincidence. The Funny thing is: We still call him so, and make jokes about it, that means he really so.

Yes, my mother gave it to me just recently, a winter suit for the Baby. The Only thing she had kept of my clothes. He is pink, and my son will wear it. And I will be very proud of the fact that he’s wearing the Same as me as a child.

Yes, why do you have to make these divisions? I was as a child, much more Young than my brother. I was constantly with his colleagues in the woods, am BMX hazards and I never played with Barbies. I want my son to grow up as free. If he wants to be a dancer of ballet, he should be a ballet dancer.

clearly, the strict mommy and not one that makes everything go. To me, the traditional values are important: respect, decency. Since I’m quite old-fashioned. With the cell phone at the lunch table not to sit for me.

I am very excited about what the parent role with me. Maybe I can be the total Gluggere that just wants to be at home (laughs). I don’t think.

I ain’t afraid of nothing. Fear is a crippling feeling. But I have a lot of respect in front of the whole transition in the first three months. This is not going to be easy, until I got myself organized in my new role, but I am very much looking forward.

for Three months, I’m taking a Baby-break. Over Christmas, we go to Samedan and spend our first holiday as a little family. Then I will resume my activities slowly. I don’t think I would like to stay longer at home, because I’m working like mad.

Yes, I have even more this year on may 20. December in Bern made an appearance. Since he remains at home with his Dad. But into the Sound Studio, I’ll take him for sure, he knows already how to be a second living room.

TV presenter and DJ,

Annina Frey was on 29. December 1980 born in Zurich. In 2002, she graduated from the University of Basel in media and communication studies. Thereafter, she attended the acting school in Zürich. From 2007 to 2018 moderated Frey on SRF 1, the TV show “Glanz & Gloria”. Under Freya, the girl from Basel, Switzerland as a producer and DJ in House and Techno-the field is active. For three years, Frey with the Grisons DJ Armon Joos (33) together. At the end of November the Couple is expecting its first child.