In Russia can grow sales of Tesla electric cars is due to the fact that the country abolished import duties on environmentally friendly cars, writes Reuters.

Since may, Russia has a zero rate on import of electric vehicles is duty of 15 per cent for legal and 48-54% for individuals. Experts point out that this has a positive impact on demand.

the head of the Russian informal dealer Tesla Club Moscow Alexey eremchuk said that it has sold about 400 of the approximately 500 brought to Russia of electric cars. He believes that the automaker will officially come into the country in a few years if sufficient development of charging infrastructure.

eremchuk predicts that in the first year of operation Tesla will sell at least 20 thousand cars. The price of the Tesla will start in Russia from 4.3 million rubles for the minimum configuration Model 3, and the average car sold for 7.8 million rubles.

In July, CEO Elon Musk announced a fourth consecutive profitable quarter for Tesla. Shares of the auto giant in June for the first time in history rose above thousands of dollars, reaching 1005 dollars.