love has found it difficult in times of Corona – at least, if it is to be sealed by a marriage. A big Feast in the castle, with many guests is not currently in there. Instead, it is allowed in many places in the state of Brandenburg, only the very small frame. The registry offices are not able to dispense according to their own information, whether or not that is why a lot of marriages will be cancelled. In the churches, weddings are canceled until the end of April – because there is no worship services may be held.

Anja Breddin from the castle Wulkow in Neuhardenberg (Märkisch-oderland) can feel the impact already now: Eight weddings she had to cancel until the end of April. For three couples, an alternative date could be found this year, all others must wait for the coming year. After all, “The bride-to-be couples are deeply relaxed,” says the managing Director.

“We hope that in may,” says Breddin. Then, 15 weddings are planned. In the summer the high starts of the season, in August, five parties can be held on a weekly basis. The Location in the East of Brandenburg lives, weddings. 80 to 90 couples to celebrate each year. This year, only seven celebrations could take place. “Economically it’s a huge disaster. We currently have no revenue,“ says Breddin, which has seven employees. Nevertheless, she is optimistic: “If this is over, the parties still luxurious, and people will laugh again.”

But until then, it means: small, but fine to celebrate. The Land of Brandenburg had shared with his instructions to the state offices this week, after the entry into force of the new Corona-containment regulation, once again, tightened: in addition to the bride and groom first witnesses and, where appropriate, their own children are admitted to the wedding Ceremony, this is now only for support-age children, for example toddlers, the Ministry of the interior. Marriages in the romantic outside prohibited locations until the end of April.

In Cottbus times are held every high – even before the tightening, without guests, without witnesses. The wedding party will not be allowed in front of the town hall on the bride and groom wait, says a spokeswoman. Trellis-Stand, rice-Throwing and champagne reception are not so in. After all: “We don’t kiss, have pronounced a ban,” says the spokeswoman.

In Potsdam, may the marriage willing to bring their own minor children. And also in Wittenberge (district of Prignitz) reduced the number of members present. Were first allowed to witnesses, was also now possible. “We hold ourselves to the instruction of the Ministry,” says a spokesman. Regardless of to be decided from case to case. “We, for example, ask in advance whether guests in high-risk areas have stopped,” says the spokesman.

The registry office Teltow (Potsdam-Mittelmark) sets marriages up until the 19th century. April even. This decision made the town”, after thorough consideration and appropriate recommendation of the district”. “We are aware that this is a decision for the affected couples in a very short time, because your wedding Ceremony should be a very special event in your life,” – said in a statement. In the case of a new appointment, the bride-to-be would treated people preferred. The Registrar would contact you. Other safety precautions – such as Wearing mouth protection – but not in any of the offices asked provided.