The Anger among the package was great messengers of the Post: Since the working time system “mytime” was introduced a year ago, was stolen, the employees systematically working hours. Because: How many of the hours were recorded at the end really decided by the computer controlled System – by ausrechnete average values of all Parcels-Postman Tour, and then for individual employees quasi-law made.

Now is the end of it, as the Post writes in a message. Together with the trade Union cal properties of Syndicom and Transfair, the Post has revised “mytime”. Of these, around 1800 package benefit offered. The Changes are effective 1. September 2019 in force.

Post pay

The Postman received retroactively for the period of the operation, from July 2018 to August 2019, with a wage compensation of a total of around two million Swiss francs.

The improvement was a result of a “scheduled location”, says the Post. “Our employees are the most important factor for the joint success”, says post chief, Roberto Cirillo (48). “I am convinced that good working conditions are the Basis for the high quality that our employees day for day.”

Transparent and fair, Syndicom and TRANS are fairly satisfied. “Flexibility must not come at the expense of the employees. With the principle that the actual working time is paid, it is possible for us, a Central concern of the package offered to establish and, together with the Post office to make improvements,” says Matteo Antonini, head of sector logistics, the trade Union Syndicom.

Fritz Bütikofer, responsible social partnership post logistics staff Association TransFair, says according to the message: “Our key demands for transparency and Fairness will be satisfied with the new System.”

“Mytime” allows the Post to plan the deployment of personnel, taking into account the seasonal fluctuations in Quantity. In addition, can be taken into account so that factors such as road traffic and on changes in the volume of work be responding.

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