The new mail boss Roberto Cirillo (48) greets the media at a construction site. Here in Cadenazzo TI one of the new distribution centers, the Post is created. The Ticino will take place in October 2019, the operation.

building site that fits to the condition of the Post. The new chief, many things must change: “We need to move,” explains Cirillo at the start of the media conference. “We must not rest on our laurels,” he had learned in his youth.

For Cirillo is clear: “The Postal service must tighten its belt to temporarily close!” Because the Post wanted to spend more money than you take.

downward spiral

the Post: “We want to prevent that, we get into a breakdown and downward spiral, as in the case of postal companies abroad.” But this requires the support of political actors, said Cirillo, “the Post in the future without taxpayers’ money to be viable.”

Cirillo outlined in the market environment, the Post moves today, fewer letters, for example. He spoke to the private competition in the logistics area, which is “especially in the lucrative niche” activities. The Post want to be no “cherry picking”.

A new strategy will now be developed. Big had Cirillo not in the cards, however, had initiatives in the area of health, alluded to, or greater cooperation with the authorities, and new ideas in the financial industry. All this without really thinking.

“It needs a jolt”

It is about the success story of the Post to continue, says Cirillo, who is now 20 weeks at the Post office. The Post needs to regain relevance. “There needs to be a jerk,” said the new chief in April. After that, he came to know the company better. “What I encountered in the process, gives me confidence.”

“We cannot stand still, we need a New way of thinking!” On a large map of Switzerland Cirillo shows, where he was in Switzerland, everywhere, to feel the genes of the Post and get to know. He met hundreds of employees, among other things, a switch employees from Geneva, which have taken him aside and given him the differences between the individual customer’s decrypted.

Or, as an experience from the parcel centre in Härkingen: “Here giant machines sort through all the packages, but controlled, this will all still people,” says Cirillo.

The Post needs to improve in all areas, including the staff of the post partners, better training, and always ask the question: “How the Post office can bring its customers even more Benefits?”

“We are a market leader and will remain so,” says Cirillo. For this, there is a need, but a shift of the Post from a Central to a decentralized structure. The also bring a lot of changes for employees: “The historic working models are obsolete,” explains the post chief. There is a need for adjustments to today’s world of work, but the new models should be developed in close contact with the social partners.

wages are not more

press “I urge the whole industry to drive the wages further down. The change in the industry may not end up on the hump of the employees are held”, is aimed Cirillo also to the competitors in the logistics industry.

The Italian-Swiss dual citizen, Roberto Cirillo (48) spent his youth in Ticino. The new package center in Cadenazzo (TI) has selected the new Post-chief for today’s press conference.

Yet he was barely visible to the Public – with a Ausahme: “Roberto, the Postman,” worked in the late Morning for several weeks at the Front (EYES reported). His get-to-know-Tour led Cirillo in the Region of Thun, to the parcel centre in Härkingen and to Lausanne, where he pushed behind the counter service. In Zurich, he met employees at the team meeting.