Prince William and Kate Middleton

For public people photography is of great importance, because the images that fall in the press, affect the image formation. How they would be perceived by the public, which view they have formed about these people is dependent on how celebrities will take pictures of photographers. br>
the British Royal family is no exception. Today we offer you to learn some interesting facts about the evolution of the official photo, what’s it like to work as a photographer monarchs,and, of course, look at the number of archival personnel.

the Wedding of Princess (future Queen) Elizabeth and Prince Philip, 1947

the Development of technology, of course, has had an incredible impact on how we learn and obtain information. In the early era photos of those doing it professionally, in principle, was not very much, but their opportunities were very limited.

In the first place, the number of pictures that allows you to make the first devices with a photographer there were only a few glass plates, and frame the light could only be seen days or even weeks later.

the Prince of Wales Edward and Lord Louis Mountbatten

Even in the 1950s, when widespread and a color photo, it happened that the pictures appeared in the press a few months after the event.

Limitations in printing technology also influenced the fact that the earliest pictures could not be played on the media until the invention of the halftone printing process in the early 1900’s.

Therefore, at that time a layman, in principle, seldom-seen photos of the Royal family — often it was a lithograph or engraving.

the Portrait of Queen Victoria for the 50th anniversary of her reign, 1887

Portrait of Princess Beatrice and Queen Victoria in the living room of Windsor castle, 1895

the Advent of film cameras and the increasing number of press agencies in the 1920-1930-ies have changed it significantly, but there are new nuances.

So, to remove the Royal family at various events, it was necessary to enter the so-called pool, to get to that was not so simple: largely right this got it to wire services.

Princess Elizabeth with her son Charles, her grandmother, Queen Mary, and father, king George VI, 1948

Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, Balmoral, 1952

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Charles, 1960

the Emergence of global agencies in the 1950-ies and 1960-ies has resulted in the mass dissemination of images and influenced the “convergence” of the Royal family with millions of ordinary viewers and readers all over the world.

CE��one this “distance” is even less, largely due to the development of social networks, where representatives of the monarchy are sharing images directly with your followers (all of you know that the accounts are special people, but a communication “brings”). In the field of photography that led to the explosion of the so-called user-generated content.

Princess Anne, Prince Charles, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, 1972. The photo was taken the 25th anniversary of their wedding

Today, anyone can try yourself in the role of the paparazzi and, if you manage to make a successful or an exclusive frame, try to sell it to agencies.

in addition, at public events like the visit of the Palace in other cities and meeting with local residents, photographers, too, no longer has a monopoly on shooting. To do “the same” frame can each of those gathered to welcome award-winning guests, if he was lucky.

However, informed to all sorts of tricks had to go and official photographers. For example, the famous wedding frame with Queen Victoria and Prince albert, taken by photographer Roger Fenton, is actually a hoax.

Staging a wedding photo of Queen Victoria and Prince albert, 1854

No, Victoria and albert, of course, actually got married, but for theme photos posed for more than 14 years later — not in status of the bride and groom, as husband and wife.

the fact that in 1840, photography was still at a very early stage of development, and a new art were treated with a fair amount of mistrust and caution. Representatives of the court then considered the protectors of the more traditional forms of art.

a Portrait of Prince Arthur, 1857. It is believed that the inspiration for the frame was the picture “Sistine Madonna”

we Can assume that later is interest Alberta to photography may have convinced Queen Victoria to keep up with the times and still make the frame for the story. By the way, albert is considered the first representative of the Royal family, captured in photographs — the frame dates back to 1842.

One of the first photographs of Prince albert, 1842

Soon the Royal couple began to realize that photography can be both art and a means of documenting life and began to actively support and promote the new art. In addition, the monarchs saw the potential in a completely new form of communication with the public through photos. In 1853 was organized photographic society, the patrons of which were the king and Queen. And when the Queen died in 1901, after it in the archives, it remains about 20 thousand images!

Well, the first official Royal onstream, marked the beginning of a tradition is the picture made on may 26, 1857, was a family portrait of London shortly after the birth of their first child, Princess Beatrice. The picture was taken on the terrace of Osborne house on the Isle of Wight.

In 1860, the Queen gave the photographer John Maalu permission to publish photos which he did. Pictures aroused great interest and was very popular.

the Peculiarity of them was that they were not like the usual portraits, which used the audience. The Queen posed in a modest dress and appeared on the frame more in the way of wife and mother, not just a ceremonial Queen.

Queen Victoria’s daughter, Princess Beatrice, 1860

portraits of the monarchs sold in the form of cards, which at the time was a kind of analogue of “direct communication” with his subjects.

Loved by the public motive was and still photos of the monarchs with children. Footage, which usually restrained the Queen, Princess and principally emotions, understandable to everyone, produce a special effect.

it is Noteworthy that several “tough” images, which monarchs engaged in childish games and direct fuss, there appeared in the “Prim” of the nineteenth century.

Princess Alexandra with daughter Louise, 1868. The photo was taken to show the public that Princess has recovered after a long illness.

the Duke (later king George VI) and Duchess of York with daughter, Princess Elizabeth, the future Queen, 1926

Princess Margaret, the Queen mother Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth and king George VI, 1942

Princess Anne with her first-born Peter, and mother, Queen Elizabeth II, 1977

Prince Charles with sons Harry and William, 1985

Looking through the archives, it is interesting to note not only the development of technology, but change orders and foundations — many of the frames of the past could hardly be done in our time.

Like this picture of king George V, made in 1920. The crew with the king pursues a beggar hoping to get in alms today so closer to the transport of the monarch would have prevented the security.

the Crew of king George V, 1920

the author of the picture was the photographer Jimmy Syme, one of the prominent photo documentaries of the time. He also belongs to another legendary the (to the Royal family, he relationship, however, is not, but it has become almost standard image of the British class system).

It’s about photography, which is known as Toffs and Toughs (“the Cream of society and the hooligans”) and was made in 1937 during a cricket match Eton — harrow.

the photo shows five boys: two od��you in a school uniform harrow, including vest, cylinder, boutonniere and a cane, and three in plain clothes of pre-war youth from the working class. For the first time in print, this photo appeared on 10 July 1937 on the first page of the News Chronicle under the headline “Every picture tells a story”. In every sense of the eloquent frame is then repeatedly reprinted.

the Real luck you can call a frame that was done in 1952, Ron Keyes, his story proves once again that even enter into the pool is not enough, it is important to be at the right time in the right place.

Elizabeth II, Queen Mary, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

Your legendary the he did at the funeral of king George VI. All the press were on duty at the main entrance of Clarence house, while the Case was on the corner of the building and was able to see how the Queen Mary, her granddaughter and the future Queen Elizabeth, and widow of the king (Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon known later as the Queen mother) leave through the back door, a frame for anyone to make failed.

Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen mother and Princess Margaret, 1980. The same outfits the three women are designed to emphasize continuity and a close link

Especially the work of the photographer is important and during the Royal tours, because through his eyes the audience around the world will see it’s important for the image of the family journey. Well, if good shots are not possible, then the entire tour will be under the threat of failure.

Every picture carries a hidden meaning, and the Royal family understands this like no other,

— explains the historian Lucy Worsley, who also notes that today it helps keep the lively spirit of the monarchy.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during a tour of Australia,

Experts believe that the shots helped Princess Diana to form your image of the “Queen of people’s hearts”.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Official photos from the engagement party

those who Knew her, people mentioned how good and charismatic person she was, but her ability to pose naturally was a significant help in the work of photographers and helped them to make shots that touched everybody.

Our work can often be very boring. Someone just gets out and walks to the door. But the Princess of Wales had always turned around before entering the building. At the last moment she just looked at you, and always worked just great shots. br>
I remember doing a picture of her in her 36th birthday, which, unfortunately, was her last birthday. She went to the Tate gallery, where he was welcome. She just turned around shortly before he went inside, and it was absolutely gorgeous frame

— recalled about working with Princess Dianoth Royal photographer Tim Hands.

Princess Diana on the day of his 36 years, 1997

Alas, the photographers, though not Royal, steel and fate in the fate of Diana. Many still believe that greedy sensationalism of the paparazzi caused the accident in the Paris tunnel where Diana was killed.

But not always in the yard are turning to staffing specialists. For example, pomyvochnaya photo of Prince William and Kate Middleton did the famous fashion photographer Mario Testino, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle photographer Alex Lubomirski, who then worked on the wedding couple.

Prince William and Kate Middleton, 2010

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, 2017

Today, one of the official photographers of the Royal family is Chris Jackson — he has held this position for 15 years!

Unique in this work is the ability to photograph relatively small group of people over a long period. br>
You can get to know the characters, especially of people, but at the same time, you are always very diverse events — it makes each shot fresh and interesting,

— admitted the photographer in an interview with Tatler.

Kate Middleton and Prince William at the Museum of Orsay in Paris, 2017

And today, Jackson works in quite a different rhythm than his colleagues even a few decades ago. News flow today does not stop for a second and people get to know them virtually in real time.

In banks, and hence on the front page at least online publications photography today can get within 30 seconds after it was made! At major events like the Royal wedding with the photographer always works a team of assistants who receive the images, process them and send to agencies.

Varies, of course, not only how to write a Royal story, but the main characters in the lens, and it happens even on a relatively short period of time.

for Example, 15 years ago, princes William and Harry had not yet taken little part in the performance of Royal duties — and then the photographer more accompanied by their father Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Prince Harry in Lesotho, 2014

Today, Jackson, on the contrary, more focused on the family of Prince William, for example, he filmed the first day of school the eldest son, Prince George.

And until recently worked with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle while they were still fulfilling Royal duties. And yet his favorite “model” the photographer calls, Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince William and Prince George

she has an incredible aura and charisma, and she is one of the most recognizable people in ��Ira, so the anticipation of shooting some special moment always inspires me,

confessed Chris.

Besides, shooting the Queen can sometimes give funny moments, which will be pleasant to remember.

for Example, when, during a visit to the zoo Wisniewski Elizabeth II all of a sudden decided to feed the elephant and drew from the bag a banana, which the animal with joy and reached out with his trunk, thanks to good reaction of the photographer there was this cute and funny picture.

With great trepidation, Chris, of course, recalls the wedding of Kate and William.

the day of the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was certainly one of the outstanding moments from the last 15 years. The excitement, the weather, history — all rolled into one! After a long preparation for the big day, including equipment check and more, I finally stood in front of Westminster Abbey to capture those first moments when they appeared in the rays of the spring sun already as a couple. br>
I will never forget the applause from the crowd when they stood on the steps of Westminster Abbey, which allowed me to take a picture, then spread Newspapers and magazines around the world,

— shared memories of Chris.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

But, of course, for the beautiful and the good pictures are always worth the work.

Shooting can involve hours of waiting, you can get soaked (often the most natural and genuine moments during a rainstorm!), life may consist of long flights and early mornings,

— shared Jackson more mundane details of his work.

But sometimes Chris can now and replace! Kate Middleton herself is passionate about photography and often encouraged followers on instagram private pictures of his family.

the Duchess took a few beautiful pictures of children — who, in fact, can capture these heartfelt moments better than the person who knows them best of all?

— praised photographer Kate.

Portrait of Princess Charlotte made Kate Middleton

in Prince George and the Princess Charlotte, 2015. Photos taken of Kate Middleton

it is Noteworthy that as in the time of Queen Victoria, Kate Middleton also uses photography to introduce not only formal portraits, but also domestic, everyday scenes that make you smile.

Prince William with children. Photos taken of Kate Middleton

Recall that the Duchess of Cambridge is also patron of the Royal photographic society — the mission she received from the Queen, who was in charge of it for 67 years!

Recently, Kate also took the initiative to hold an exhibition devoted to how Britain survived the pandemic corona��Rus: everyone could send their frames.

the Historian Lucy Worsley has called the art of photography a stage on which representatives of the British Royal family solidly for 150 years.

well, you can recognize that “speeches” these very successful and the audience absolutely not tired.