Nastya Tropical

the 18-year-old Nastya Tropical, which led to a popular blog in instagram (more than a million followers), died yesterday in an accident on one of the trails of the resort area of Bali. A girl and her boyfriend decided to rent motorcycles and ride them. At some point Tropical (under the same alias, Anastasia was known in the network) lost control and collided with the bike other then the girl crashed into the barrier, having received injuries incompatible with life. Information about the death of Nasti said her mother, published a blog post daughter.

unfortunately, our Anastasia no longer with us. I can’t believe it,

she wrote.

the young man Tropical, she was not speeding and was driving carefully.

she was driving on the highway at a speed of 80-100 kilometers per hour, where all are moving the same way. She always drove safer and neater all, and what happened to her — accident. Started wobbling motorcycle on level ground, he began to sway. Now you have no strength to talk about it, will do it later. Nastya is not to blame, she was not speeding,

quoted Victor publishing “StarHit”.

Beloved deceased asked all those who knew her to pray about it and remember only good things about it.

Tropical was born and raised in St. Petersburg, had been blogging since the age of 12. She wrote about travel, about how to get out of the comfort zone, the earnings in the Internet and work on themselves. According to her, her first million she earned in 15 years.

I’m Anastasia, a girl from an ordinary family, my mother works in the office from morning to night, dad is a doctor. All my childhood I dreamed not about toys, but about how to become independent from their parents. I know how it is when you do not allow, condemn, and speak as necessary. I could hardly support my Hobbies, all wanted to make me a rough girl,

— said in the description of her profile in the social network.