Michael Katz Krefeld must constantly remember yourself that the world is in crisis, for the isolation suited him just fine.

While many sugar that had to drop the great places to eat easter lunch with friends and family, then keeping author Michael Katz Krefeld stuck in the good mood.

He must sort out the garden, drinking snaps and sleep nap in the spring sun. At the same time, he is working on his next crime novel, and he does so preferably in peace, so that the isolation suits him well.

But it may well give a bad conscience to be in a good mood and sometimes forget about the crisis.

Here he tells how he tackles the quarantine:

What you need to make at easter – and who will you be with?

– In the easter holidays I shall be with my viv is Lis, and I’m thinking that most days will be enjoyed in our beautiful cottage.

– We have planned the big hunt for outdoor furniture, so if we actually have found someone here in the easter, is mission accomplished. It is in itself a freedom to be able to rejoice over something so trivial to make in this violent time. We remember to keep the distance to all we meet on our way and spritte any purchased furniture.

What are you doing outdoors?

according to the weather and wind do I have enough in sommerhushaven. I have bought plenty of motorized gear to be tested, and the old overgrown garden looks to be a willing victim.

I also hope to have a few good lunches on the terrace, although it will be a little different easter. But even if you eat get together, one should not cheat themselves of the is. I am sure that it is the best way to get afsprittet its interior. A nap in the first spring sun subsequently is also not the worst.

What are you doing indoors?

– I’m in the throes of writing my next crime novel, and I can reveal that it will be a self-contained sequel to “the Darkness Call” from 2017.

– When I’m not writing, I am in full swing with a few series on Netflix. I am like half of Denmark, see the “Tiger King” with equal parts of gape and fascination. Of the fiction I see “Westworld”, which I am quite bitten by the.

– Of the books I am trying to get through the “Enlightened”, but I’m not absolutely in love with it. I have also read Stephen king’s “the Institute”, but not pacing, so I’m kind of looking for a good reading experience.

you Have thrown you over some new projects while you have been at home – and if so which?

My latest project is my next book. Funny enough fell the crisis, together with the fact that I am supposed to go in the time to write. And as my many travel plans and a couple of book fairs has been cancelled, so it has got all my attention.

– I have not yet reached a point where it bored me so much that I have thrown myself over the cleanup of the old stores or surdejsbagning, which seems to be the new folkesportsgrene.

What do you do to keep your spirits up?

– In fact I am in really good mood and has no need for special activities, which I can almost feel me guilty of.

– I must constantly remind myself that the world is in a violent crisis, and that many people are going through unimaginable tragedies at home and abroad. Both those who have been sick, have lost someone or have been unemployed or bankrupt with their life’s work.

– My life is so far unchanged. When I am in the writing process, I try to close as much of my surroundings in order to be able to concentrate on my fiktionshistorie. In the period I am in self-imposed quarantine in my home office, and I have it really good.

– I love the writing and feel comfortable in this shut down mode. So the mood of my own situation is great, but on behalf of that the world is not so cheerful.

What is the first thing you will do when the world looks normal again?

– When the world is normal, and I have written my book done, so I’m off to travel.

– I am so much looking forward to come out and see the world in all its diversity. I am going on new adventures both at home in Denmark, to places I have not yet visited, and to remote places on earth, as I have dreamed to visit for many years. It will be magical.