MOSCOW, may 31 — RIA Novosti. For coronavirus infection may be associated with bleeding disorders, said the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova in an interview Naile Asker-zade on the channel “Russia 24”.

This information has become known recently. According to her, a month ago the experts didn’t understand how the virus acts on the human body during clinical manifestations.

however, doctors still do not know much about this disease, added Popova. The head of Rospotrebnadzor said that initially doctors believed that COVID-19 is a “true pneumonia”.

Popov said that currently the CPS is working to create a rapid tests for the diagnosis of coronavirus. However, the “infinite” increase in testing is not necessary. As international experience shows, in this case, significantly increases the error, she said.

“meaning it can be used, but with certain reservations”, — said Popov.

According to her, today in Russia is increasing daily the number of regions where decreases in the prevalence of coronavirus. Exit restrictions, the country will gradually.

“the Actors come out different, but we hope that this process will be successful… the dynamics are there, the process goes, he’s positive,” she said.

as the head of Rospotrebnadzor said that due coronavirus medicine has to accelerate preparations for influenza.

it is Likely that the second wave of the pandemic begins in the fall, at a time of rise in acute respiratory viral infections, she said.

“exactly it makes us rush to the influenza vaccine, and to produce large quantities of vaccines and try to inoculate as much as possible and as early as possible our fellow citizens from the influenza virus already,” — said Popov.

According to her, there is evidence that one patient may be released and the flu, and the coronavirus. Accordingly, the first vaccination will reduce the risk of severe disease.

Only in Russia coronavirus infection was diagnosed at 406 thousand people, 4693 patient died, recovered more than 171 thousand people.