the Pope’s påskemesse is Sunday been streamed live from a deserted st. peter’s in Vatican city.

Pope Francis held Sunday its probably the most important påskemesse, since he in 2013 was elected as pope benedict’s successor.

For the virtually closed doors kept the 83-year-old pope Francis mass at the st. peter’s basilica. Here, he urged among other things to the ceasefire in all the global conflicts during the ongoing coronakrise.

– Must Christ make it clear for all who have responsibility in the conflict, that they must have the courage to support an immediate global cease-fire in every corner of the world, says the pope in his livestreamede påskemesse.

The iconic st. peter’s is in Vatican city, which is surrounded by the Italian capital, Rome.

Just Italy have been particularly hard hit by the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus. Nearly 20,000 coronasmittede people have lost their lives in the country – the number is only surpassed by the UNITED states.

the Pope calls on european countries to “to rise again by showing solidarity” in the style of the time after the Second world War.