After RTL announced in March 2021 that the private broadcaster wanted to become more family-friendly, pop titan Dieter Bohlen had to vacate his regular seat on the jury panel and pop star Florian Silbereisen became chief juror. The hoped-for success did not materialize, which is why Dieter Bohlen is returning.

It was a much-heralded charm and family offensive. In March 2021, a murmur went through the German media landscape when RTL managing director Henning Tewes removed Dieter Bohlen from the jury of DSDS and “Das Supertalent”. The reason: The station wants to be more family-friendly. In addition, those responsible seemed to be hoping to be able to counteract the downward trend in ratings of the former successful shows.

But the opposite happened. Dieter Bohlen, with his cheeky and sometimes outrageous sayings, was missing and was obviously sorely missed by the audience, because as a result of his absence, the ratings only dropped further. That may also have been due to his replacement. Picture book son-in-law Florian Silbereisen could not possibly fill in the oversized footsteps of the pop titan – if only because the two could hardly be more different in their assessments of the candidates. No wonder that in view of this, Floris’ future in the DSDS jury should be rather bad.

Bohlen’s riot method, which essentially revolved around exposing candidates who were untalented in his eyes and thus making one or the other laugh among jury colleagues and the audience, has nothing in common with Silbereisen’s claim. During his time at DSDS, the “Traumschiff” captain, for example, threw a previously convicted candidate out of the show – so he remained consistently true to the station’s new concept. According to information from the “Bild” newspaper, the new contract between Bohlen and RTL has already been signed. From 2023 he should be allowed to sit on his old jury chair.

Presumably, Silbereisen will not return to the podium. On the one hand, because the two men have very different goals when it comes to communicating with the candidates, which would cause additional unrest if they met on the show. In addition, both belong more to the jury chief faction. Exactly what model mom Heidi Klum tirelessly proclaimed on “Germany’s Next Top Model” applies to this specific leadership position: “There can only be one!” In the case of DSDS only one front figure – either Silbereisen or Bohlen. And that decision should be obvious.

An RTL employee explained to “Bild”: “It has been found that DSDS, if at all, only works with Dieter.” That sounds like a clear rejection of Silbereisen. As soon as Bohlen is back on board, it is an equally clear rejection of the new harmonious RTL concept. Because nobody at the Cologne broadcaster should seriously assume that Bohlen will only curb his tongue for that reason.

But even if Florian Silbereisen gets nothing and is not allowed to return to DSDS, this decision will not plunge him into unemployment or television insignificance. After all, he will continue to be able to stand in front of the camera for the broadcasters ARD and ZDF, which have always been well-behaved. There, he is not expected to provide quick-witted answers or to be the figurehead of a restructuring measure under observation.

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