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the 34-year-old Kim Ate-joong, also known under the name Jaejoong, actor and artist. He is a great popidol in South Korea, Japan and several other countries, most notably from the k-pop groups TVXQ and JYJ.

But the April fools ‘ joke of his, shared with nearly two million følgjarar on Instagram, would prove to be too strong meat for very many.

K-pop group JYJ plays in Seoul during the Asian tour in 2014.

Photo: Lee Jin-man / Lee Jin-man Many reacted

In the message, he wrote that he was suffering from koronaviruset, and taken to the hospital: “I have been suffering with covid-19. It is a result of that I would not have been careful enough to follow the åtvaringane by the authorities, and my friends.”

It came thousands of comments to the post. Many have expressed that they were worried for his condition.

After several hours of edited his post and wrote that he had gone too far. He said sorry for what he had done, and thanked at the same time the fans to have cared for him.

“I don’t look on this as an April fools’ joke. I just wanted to tell you that when you take care of yourself, you should also take care of the people around you.”, he wrote.

Popgruppa JYJ on the stage.

– nothing to make jokes about with

In the comments, he had tole sharp criticism for the fact that he joked about something so serious.

“A joke about koronavirus is not funny, but barnsleg and kjenslelaust.”, wrote one of følgjarane his.

“you Understand not how serious this is?” “What is wrong with Kim Ate-joong? Understand he is not the seriousness?” were among the many other comments.

On the south Korean internet portal Naver was “Kim Ate-joong” and “Kim Ate-joong April fools” among the most widely used søkjeorda in the hours afterwards, and the debate went fresh if it actually was a joke Kim Ate-joong tried on, or whether he might would rather get people to be more cautious.

Kim Ate-joong during the Asian Film Awards in hong Kong in march last year.

Photo: Kin Cheung / Kin Cheung Gets no penalty South Korea is hard struck by koronaviruset. According to The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) is almost 10.000 suffering. The number of dead climbed to 169 on Wednesday.

Authorities have warned people against using korona as a theme in the aprilspøkar. However, KCDC still has no plans to punish the popidolet after the joke.

Kim Ate-joong was with in the group TVXQ between 2003 and 2009. Together with two other members leaves the he group and formed JYJ. They have sold millions of discs.

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