The south Korean K-Pop star Kim Jae-joong has come out of favor for an Instagram lookup.

1.9 million followers got a huge shock when the boybandstjernen Kim Jae-joong on Wednesday wrote on his Instagram profile that he was infected with the corona virus and had been admitted to the hospital.

This writes the news agency Reuters.

‘I have been infected with the covid-19. It is a result of the fact that I have not taken the disease seriously enough and don’t have followed the warnings from the authorities and my friends,’ wrote the south Korean singer, known from the band, JYJ, in the social media.

But after a few hours he edited his posting, so it appeared that it was not true, and that he had gone over the thread on the day on which people traditionally tease each other – namely the 1. april.

In the advertisement, he thanked his concerned fans and admitted that it was a bad way to try to shout sounding the alarm on.

‘I don’t think it should be seen as an April fool. I just wanted to make note of, to protect yourselves and those around you,’ wrote 34-year-old Kim Jae-joong.

Health authorities in south Korea had previously warned that there would be a crackdown on the citizens, who would try to make April fools ‘ jokes, which deals with the coronavirus, and that he would be risking large fines and up to five years in prison.

According to the news to the pop star, however, not fear a judicial aftermath.