they were famous thanks to their roles as Pippi, Tommy and Annika in the cult series “Pippi long-hull” from Astrid Lindgren’s world: Inger Nilsson (59), Pär Lundberg (61) and Maria Persson (59) impressed with their adventures in the Villa Kunterbunt millions of TV viewers.

But while only Inger alias “Pippi” could match the success as a child star and even today, as an actress, The Commissioner and the sea is (“”) have disappeared from their former series friends Maria and Pär in the sinking.

“We have to get as good as nothing,”

And, apparently, has not paid their application in front of the camera also financially at all. According to the “image” has none of the performers earned more than the equivalent of 2200 francs for a total of 13 follow – cashed it in only the production company. “Is still worthy of our films, but we have next to nothing,” complains “Annika” alias Maria Persson, who got more than 1000 francs. Also Tommy-cast Sundberg confirmed: “There was a bag of money.”

The former Annika actress Maria today is financially so bad that you can barely keep himself above water. Meanwhile, on Mallorca, living in the Swede is due to osteoarthritis of the knee for seven years, unable to work – the pain will be suing a lot of big, opposite of the newspaper. And: For a vital surgery, the money is missing. Persson must undergo a gastric bypass surgery before they could operate on the knee.

“I have hard times behind me,”

“Some tell me I should write a tell-all book, because a lot of people think, I would live in wealth. But I have hard times behind me,” she says about their Situation. You’ve been crying a lot lately. And adds: “Actually, we should be rich. In other countries, we would it, perhaps, but in Sweden you don’t want to give you the feeling to be something Special.”

Also for Pippi Longstocking actress Inger Nilsson, who works at least continue as an actress, it is incomprehensible that none of them was rewarded for the film financially: “I was often advised to get myself a lawyer. But we are powerless. And so the contract looked at the time. At the time there was also no Merchandising. With advertising Astrid Lindgren wanted to have nothing to do.”

Fans raised money for Ex-child stars

For the financially troubled Ex-child stars but there is light at the end of the tunnel: Two-Pippi-Longstocking-Fans from the Netherlands have launched a fundraising campaign to life. So far, over 38 are to be received’000 Swiss francs. “If you are rewarded every year with a fee, it’s like a thank you for all your work,” a fundraiser Marjan Tulp (51). She’s angry: “The Ex-child stars have but never get anything like that. The money went entirely to the production company.” (wyt)