Nephrologist Olga Berdnikova told about the beneficial properties of pomegranate.

This product is useful for hypertensive patients, as both the pulp and pomegranate juice have a positive effect on blood vessels and reduce pressure. But it is not worth buying store-bought juices, because they do not have benefits, due to the fact that they are processed and sterilized.

“For wellness, start with diluted freshly squeezed juice (1/2 cup of water for 1/2 juice). Concentrated drink, especially daily, should not be drunk,” the doctor recommended.

Berdnikova stressed that an important property of both the pulp and pomegranate juice is the fight against cancer due to the suppression of cancer cell division.

The properties of pomegranate juice in relation to the fight against oncological pathologies are associated with ellagic acid. This acid prevents the division of cancer cells in the body, causes such a phenomenon as apoptosis — the natural death of tumor cells. This has been studied in laboratories, so the use of pomegranate juice in antitumor action is unequivocally proven. Olga Berdnikova Nephrologist

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