Most of the supporters of the Communist party who plan to participate in the voting, in favor of the proposed changes. While previously following the meeting of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist party, it was announced that the party will not support a voting procedure for amendments to the Constitution. According to research VTSIOM, despite these statements, 71 percent of Communist party supporters plan to go to the polls: most of them – 43% – are ready to vote for changes to the Basic law, 39% expressed the opposite point of view.

“This polarization was observed only among the voters of the Communists, the electorates of other parties look more monolithic,” say the authors of the study. The polls are about 78% of supporters of “United Russia”, 74% – “a just Russia” 64% – the liberal democratic party.

About support for the planned amendments to the Basic law stated by 61% of respondents, against 21%, the rest undecided. Most approving amendments among the supporters of “United Russia” – 83%, at “Fair Russia” about support of say 65%, the liberal Democrats – 54%.