The trust of Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed by 56% of Russians, according to a survey of Fund "Public opinion" (FOM).

According to the study, rather than trust the head of state of 32%, and 11% were undecided. As explained by the Agency in the Fund, the figures given in the rounding, so the addition of integers may produce a result 101% or, as in the present case, 99%.

However, 60% of respondents believe that Putin probably works well in his post, the opposite opinion is shared by 27%, and 13% were undecided.

In addition, 38% of respondents assessed the government’s work rather well, 45% – rather bad, and 17% were undecided. The work of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail mishustina 45% as good, 20% bad, 35% were undecided.

If elections to the state Duma were held next Sunday, 29% of Russians would vote for the party "United Russia", 12% would support the Communist party, 12% the liberal democratic party, 5% – "just Russia" 15% would give a vote for another party, and 7% would not go to the polls.

The survey "Omnibus" was held July 31 – August 2 among 4 thousand respondents aged 18 years and older. The statistical error, as stated, does not exceed 1.9%.