According to the survey conducted in June-July 2020 portal “Work in Russia” among more than 32 thousand people from all regions of the country, more than 70% of Russians value their current job. And only 11% said that they value it in high degree, as “the wife or husband has a good income.” Another 17% of respondents are sure that will always find work because their profession is very in demand.

And wanting to change jobs prevails, the desire to earn more – such answer was given by 40% of Russians. My employer is ready to recommend to friends, 32% of Russians. One in five is ready to recommend their employer as a stable. 24% of respondents approve of your work schedule, 22% of respondents talk about a good team, loyal management, 22% mentioned the convenient location of the office.

Information-analytical system “Russian base “Job in Russia” is the Federal state information system that contains information about jobs and employers needing workers, availability of jobs and vacancies.

In the previous survey, the vast majority of Russians – 92% reported that they consider an unacceptable pay cut when switching to remote mode. According to most, the employee “on distance” should have equal footing with an ordinary worker rights.