The police officers found out, on closer examination, the vehicle was not approved, and with a false identification mark. The 30-Year-old further travel was prohibited and he must reckon with criminal proceedings.

Stuhr – Without a license

A 65-year-old passenger Car driver from Stuhr went on Tuesday at 15.55 PM without a licence and under the influence of alcohol in a police control. The Verification of the breathing air resulted in a concentration of about 0.5 per mil. Your driver’s license had to have to give the 65-Year-old already. It was taken from a blood sample and the travel prohibited. Against you in a criminal case has been initiated.

Bruchhausen-Vilsen – vibrating machine stolen

Despite the backup has succeeded, so far, unknown perpetrators to steal in the time of Monday; 22: 00 to Tuesday, 7.30 PM, a vibrating machine. The machine was secured on a trailer that was parked on the street, “Berxer wood”. Who could watch something, is asked, the police Bruchhausen-Vilsen, Tel. To inform 04252 / 938510,.

Bruchhausen-Vilsen – break-in at the fire Department

A break-in attempt, the fire Department reports from Uenzen. The door lock was damaged shed to the device; has been stolen, however nothing. Here, too, the police asked Bruchhausen-Vilsen, Tel. 04252 / 938510, to stuff notes.

Bassum-ash Hausen – vehicle overturns

A 60-year-old hall Norderstedt is off on Tuesday against 18.15 clock with his vehicle in a curve to the left of the roadway. The accident occurred from unknown cause on the route from Neubruchhausen to Bassum. The Car overturned multiple times and the 60-Year-old was injured. The property damage is a minimum of 5300 euros.

district police are checking compliance with the generally available

After the state of lower Saxony has exacerbated the General and far-reaching measures to combat the spread of Coronavirus has adopted, the compliance with the rules.

in the district of Diepholz, we get support from the riot police.

In recent days, the police had to be often in action. In countless interviews, the compliance with the ban on contact was declared. Also on playgrounds and at another meeting people were always encountered. Most of the time it remained in the talks, but in not a few cases, the police had to Express place references. On Tuesday, the police had to close in the context of assistance for the district, a total of 5 markets and retailers. This happened mostly with a lot of understanding and without delay. At 19.30, the police Sulingen in front of an apartment house in the street In the field there is a private BBQ party festival gardens. A total of eight predominantly amtsbekannte people between the ages of 18 and 22 years, were approached by the officers on their behavior showed, however, first of all, unapologetic. The police broke then, under the threat of further measures, the Celebration and gave all the people present place references, and then also the follow-up was done.

The police will also continue to control the compliance with the rules and violations with space references, punish and, if necessary, also see to write. All the people are encouraged to stick to the General available, to reduce their social contacts to a Minimum and, in particular, the contact lock to take seriously.

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