The 44-year-old driver from the area of Vorpommern-Greifswald, at first attempted to deceive by providing false information about his true identity. The officials come in but quickly behind the wrong game and the real name of the man. In its Review, it is established that he already owns for 12 years and no driving licence anymore. Also the driver’s license of a well-Known not distract from it. In the course of the inspection, the officials noted, moreover, the influence of drugs at the man. Against him, a determination is Driving procedure for driving without a licence, under the influence of intoxicating means, misappropriation of the licence and providing false person initiated alien. It is the removal of a blood sample follows at the police station. The vehicle key is secured and the travel prohibited. It is the foreign driver’s license will be retained and checked whether this was already used improperly. Then, as later, a work colleague to pick up the man from the service, this is the same for the next Surprise: The 59-year-old Cloppenburger is searched for by a Payment warrant. The adhesive-discharging amount can be paid on the spot and the man, therefore, directly re-released. Having regard to compliance with the “Corona-Minimum distance” of 1.5 meters in the Public, both persons will be dismissed from the police measures.

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