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Vincent Houssin of the police union VSOA is responding very displeased at some of the incidents in the past couple of days with police officers as victims. For example, both in Brussels and in Antwerp of all citizens, who have spit in the face of a police patrol.

Friday night, was in Brussels a couple of picked up that it spit out to the cops. One of them, a woman, cried, in addition, with a smile, that she was contaminated with the same name. In Antwerp, was from the hand of a man who’s party is in an apartment by police officers and was shut down. All the parties have appeared before the judge and were arrested. Earlier in the week here and there, even though similar incidents have been reported.

Houssin calls for severe punishment, especially as it is now the job of the agents in this coronatijden all the extra weights. The court will enter is already severe, and treated always as “the threat of a terrorist attack involving hazardous substances, and rebellion”. The people involved are risking prison sentences of 3 months up to 2 years and a fine of up to 400 up to 2.400 euros.