Hoogstraten (b) –

The scoutstent where the police force is on the E19 motorway in Hoogstraten (belgium) and the Dutch-belgian border guards, it is weggewaaid, to the great amusement of the passing motorists. “With a strong squall, and she’s gone,” said the law enforcement officers on the spot. “The zandzakjes out there against them, were apparently not strong enough.”

The police officers were yesterday subjected to ridicule when it turned out that the supplied material is expected to serve as a “customs office”, which consisted of a scoutstent, three worn-out chairs, a dented desk. “We are re-enactors of the Second world War was in the past. “And now this. Vincent Houssin of the police union VSOA was yesterday, even though his displeasure was expressed about the tent.

“for two weeks, we ask for a better material for the government to take the new jobs. And this is all that they appear, make the magic happen. Sad. Why will the police not to help the defence and the civilian protection?”, sounded like it was back then.

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