Left-wing politician Gregor Gysi will be 75 next week. In an interview, he talks about his candidacy in the federal elections and his relationship with his colleague Sarah Wagenknecht.

Next Monday Gregor Gysi will celebrate his 75th birthday. Probably the most popular politician on the left now revealed his personal fitness program to the “Stern”: “Swimming, cycling, and table tennis from time to time. And I hike. My driver taught me that.” He “learned one thing in good time,” Gysi continued. “From a certain age you have to take care of yourself.” For his milestone birthday there will be a larger celebration of his parliamentary group – and a private party. When asked whether his opponent within the party, Sahra Wagenknecht, was also invited, Gysi said that his guest list included “rather personal friends”.

Wagenknecht and he have “a historical responsibility to save this party”. Gysi left it open whether he would stand again in the upcoming federal elections in autumn 2025. He would then be 77 years old. However, he would be tempted by the position of Bundestag senior president, which the longest-serving member of parliament is entitled to. Gysi: “It would be a certain satisfaction. I have not forgotten how I was greeted when I joined in 1990: hostile to hostile.”