Political parties in Russia refused to reduce their government funding

Political parties in Russia reacted to the proposal to reduce state funding opposed. According to some politicians, this initiative is stupid.

Previously, the research Institute of modern politics have called for reducing the state funding of political parties, which gained more than three percent of votes in the previous elections to the State Duma. The Agency instead proposes to allocate free space for meetings, to provide tax relief. The handling of this initiative to the head of the Central electoral Committee of Russia Ella Pamfilova sent the Director of the Institute Anton Orlov.

the Leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that such a proposal is nonsense, because there is a lack of understanding of the principles of party-building. According to him, politicians do not just “sit at home and philosophize”, and have the citizens help pay the salaries of the device, produce a lot of literature. “Where to take money for that?” asked Zhirinovsky.

According to the leader of the liberal democratic party, political parties are forced to spend on its activities to three million rubles a day and about a billion a year. If they will not receive money from the state budget, it will be forced to seek sponsors who, in turn, can campaign through the party’s own interests.

Deputy Secretary General Council of “United Russia” Sergei Perminov said that the party has redirected the flow of their funds to help people in connection with the threat of the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. It reduces the cost of election procedures and campaigns.

Communist party Leader Gennady Zyuganov also expressed opposition to the proposal of the Institute. According to him, currently, you must think about strengthening the political system. Zyuganov noted that the proposals on the reduction of state funding — “all sorts of small gadgets” that don’t really Rescaut.

the Head of “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov called the initiative of the Institute is attractive only on the surface. In his opinion, the lack of support can cause damage as well as by the parties, and the state with society, because they will lose one of the most important institutions.

Chairman of Yabloko Nikolai Rybakov, in turn, found it prudent to give the parties space for congresses. Thus, according to him, one another does not replace. Fishermen noted that public funding should not be cut, according to RIA Novosti.