Polish nationalists beat a group of visiting Russian-speaking

In Poland immigrants from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus beat due to the fact that they spoke in Russian.

this is the world public was informed of the Polish public-political daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza.

it is Reported that the attack took place in the North of the country in toruń. Later that night a group of unknown shouting “Poland for the poles” attacked a group of five people, among them were foreigners and locals.

According to one of the victims, the aggressors did not stop the presence of the girl they hit. One man, an ethnic Polish repatriate received a fracture of the skull. While passers-by didn’t even try to stand up for battered.

the Young man stated that I was in different countries, but everywhere, be it Russia, Ukraine or China, treated him with respect and he could count on the help of other people. According to him, recently in Poland, the cases of attacks on foreigners, and he feared to invite country friends from other countries.

it is Noted that the police started search of criminals whose identities fell on a surveillance camera during the incident.