Police Investigate Possible Involvement of Illegal Gambling Operators in the Murder of a Businessman in Vila Isabel; Slot Machines Seized at Victim’s Bar

The local authorities are currently investigating two possible motives behind the murder of a businessman in Vila Isabel. According to reports, the victim may have been targeted due to a dispute over the control of slot machine operations or his involvement in the illegal sale of cigarettes. The victim, Antônio, was shot multiple times by hooded assailants while sitting in his car at the corner of Teodoro da Silva and Souza Franco streets. Witnesses claim that he had just left his bar after collecting money from the slot machines.

Law enforcement officers found bullet casings near the victim’s vehicle and seized the slot machines from his bar for further investigation. The incident is believed to be linked to a clash between rival gambling groups that occurred on April 15, 2023. A group of six men arrived at the scene in three cars, including a silver Corolla, and were seen surveying the area before one of them opened fire inside the bar.

CCTV footage captured the chaos and panic that ensued during the shooting, as well as the swift escape of the perpetrators. The investigation is ongoing to determine the motives and identities of those responsible for the violent attack in Vila Isabel.