The federal police for more than two thousand vehicles will be returned to the highways because they are a non-essential movement took. It turns out that that Friday, according to new figures from the federal police.

as of Friday afternoon, the previous week’s checks to the police at the border crossings and the ban on non-essential travel because of the new corona virus. The figures of the federal police, it appears that the traffic between the previous week and on Saturday for 6 hours and sat morning 7 am, a total 39.193 vehicle has to be checked. The Exact 2.162 vehicles in that period will be returned. It’s actually been since the start of the audits is even higher, as the figures for last week are missing at the moment.

Especially in the past days, led the police to the number of inspections to be sensitive to. For example, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, each of approximately 15,000 examinations. On Wednesday, the police department 702, vehicles, return, Thursday, 562.

The police check during the day, with a permanent exhibition on the main roads at night is done on the move. It can be as much as possible, checks will be performed on the prohibition against non-essential travel, what it sounds like. How much of all of the directors, exactly, a penalty must be paid, the federal police will not be lost.

in Addition to the checks carried out on the main roads, carry out, local police forces still have control on the minor road network. Both the police and the local police will be supported by the various federal units of the customs administration.