a Little later, the 72-year-old had found a fire in a guest room in the upper floor of his house. Since he was not able to extinguish the fire himself, he has called the fire Department. The firefighting units from the long dam and Nienburg, the police and the rescue services were alarmed. Upon Arrival, the first responders poet suggested Smoke from the roof Windows of the building, a little later, flames and the firefighting units from Erich Hagen and Holtorf nachalamiert were. During the fire approximately two hours fight with the fire-fighting, the house owner was leading were from the emergency service of the local hospital. After outpatient treatment, he could be from there, after a short time dismissed. After completion of the deletion, the police has started work Nienburg the causes of fire investigation and the fire seized place. The cause of the fire can be made at the time the information is not yet. The damage to the house should be according to estimates of the police, beyond the 200,000 euros.

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