A 29-year-old Dutchman, Kiefer S., has been missing with his two-year-old daughter since Tuesday, May 28. The family was last seen in Kroppenstedt/Börde district. The police fear that the man could harm himself or his daughter.

The man fled his home after a “family incident,” according to the police. He and his child have been missing ever since. The two were last seen in Halberstadt and the surrounding area of ​​Klein Quenstedt. Kiefer S. does not have a car and has already hitchhiked with his daughter. The 29-year-old speaks hardly any German. The authorities therefore warn: “Do not pick up this person and the child as a hitchhiker, but call the police immediately.”

In addition, according to investigators, a danger to the man and the child cannot be ruled out due to their private situation.

The two-year-old child has dark curly hair and was wearing a light T-shirt and short jeans.

The police are asking the public for help. If you have seen the man and the child, please contact the police immediately on 03941/ 674 293.